Lisette obtained her Level 1 and 2 at Canterbury Stables in Delta, British Columbia under the watchful eye of Level 3 coach Patricia Deptford. During this time, she was exposed to all three disciplines of equestrian events: eventing, jumping and dressage. Canterbury Stables also provided excellent teaching opportunities, through the large and successful school. Lisette was a primary participant in the breeding program, which involved breeding, foaling out, showing in hand, breaking and eventually training young horses as well as brood mares.

Lisette sought to broaden her horizons by focussing on her riding. An opportunity arose to teach and train in Japan. Jumping at the chance, she taught successfully in Japan for 9 months at two different stables. Lisette got re-aquatinted with re-training racetrack Thoroughbreds into becoming gracious sport horses.

With many miles in the saddle, she elected to broaden her experience in Europe with an eye to specializing in Dressage. Through a fortunate series of events and a little bit of luck, she landed at Coby van Baalen’s barn. The next three and a half years were spent training with Coby, with short intervals of return to Canada for foaling out. A particular gift was being with the stables whilst Johann Hinneman was training with Olympic Ferro for the 2000 Olympic Games. A keen learner, Lisette absorbed much through observation and participation during training sessions. Finally ready for her FEI debut in the Netherlands, an outbreak of hoof and mouth disease brought all equestrian activity in the country to a halt.

However, a stroke of good fortune came her way in the form of the Beuzelin family. Seeking a competent farm manager who could also teach their children, the Beuzelin’s found Lisette and she returned to Victoria from Holland. This enabled Lisette to continue her show career while simultaneously launching Bonita Stables. Through this fortuitous partnership Bonita Stables has evolved into a beautiful equestrian centre, and will continue to grow under the new ownership of Sharon Martinez.

Horses and riders of all disciplines are welcomed, with a focus on dressage.

Lisette at Coby’s